Is It Possible To Lose Weight in 3 Days

Is it possible to lose weight in 3 days?
If so, how many pounds can one lose within such a short period of time? Due to the unhealthy lifestyle that a majority of people lead nowadays, there are millions of individuals worldwide who are grappling with weight issues. However, having seen the affect which their weight has on their lives, most are seeking for different means to shed off some of that excess fat.

Drastic weight loss in three days is supported by a theory that dates back to 1985 commonly referred to as, "the 3 day diet." There is no documented evidence which supports this hypothesis. However, it has been kept alive by the replicas of "the 3 day diet" that keeps on floating around the World Wide Web. The regimen promises individuals who adhere to it at least 10 pounds of lost weight. Health and fitness experts believe that, a large amount of that weight is probably as a result of fluid loss and not actually the desired fat loss. In as much as most folks would like to believe that they can lose 10 pounds in exactly three days, in reality losing that much of body mass within the specified time frame is not simply feasible. But, were it to be possible, it would not come without adverse health consequences. A rule of the thumb in weight management is, "if it took you 4 months to gain 20 pounds, it will take you an equal amount of time to get rid of the same weight healthily."


Tips For Perfect Health using the Law of Attraction

1. Open your mind

For best results with the Law of Attraction is very important to open your mind and put aside the skepticism for a while. Be open to miracles, to the infinite possibilities that exist in your life and that will continue in the coming days and months to come.

In fact the course of a disease changes every minute, and now you can stop or cure your disease if you start to choose a distinct possibility.

Dr. Deepak Chopra explains that there are waves of infinite possibilities and have not become apparent until the sound or note, quantum physics has found. If we can not see the possibility of creating health is not the manifest.

Become the observer of your health and it will manifest itself, if instead you become the observer of your illness, it will manifest.

Some of the diseases that manifest in our body are caused by bleeding energy they have to do with spite.

The harbor anger or hatred toward someone who has hurt us does not balance things in our favor but rather, is equivalent to poison us slowly. If we hate and can not condone in any way we punish that person or taking revenge because the real affected ourselves.

The best way to balance things in our favor, in situations where we have been offended, hurt, damaged or hit is to continue with even greater happiness than before.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves, to forgive raises our vibrations and help us get in the ideal state for more things we want health, prosperity and abundance, and in turn receive less things that we do not, distress, ill health, lack etc. So forgiveness is just for you, a gift from within.


changing the risk of obesity by surgery

After the discovery of symptoms by the patient herself
Gastric bypass surgery risk
Information on Bariatric Bypass Surgery

Obesity causes health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. Bariatric surgery, like any other, also carries some risks and complications, but the risk of obesity is much greater than the risks of bariatric surgery.

In a support group at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Lori Silverman said that in the past seven months has lost 48 kgs. Mrs. Silverman, 42, weighed 138 kilograms and is expected to reach the 54 kgs weight. One by one, other members of the support group told similar victories: 64 kgs in 4 months, 39 in 3 months, etc. Many kilos lighter, more clapping, more cheers testimonies of people who thanks to treatment of weigh lose, no longer need medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart complications, arthritis or gout. Some have been able to fit in the seats of the cinema or aircraft, of bending and putting own shoes, after several years.

All these achievements are not due to any diet. These people, who previously had morbid obesity, have tried and failed with all diets that have been invented so far.


Breast cancer is usually diagnosed on four occasions

After the discovery of symptoms by the patient herself

When a woman discovers a lump or abnormality in the breast (nipple flow, retracted nipple, asymmetry or ride) or in an armpit, it is important to consult a doctor to perform the necessary examinations. Scientific studies show that cancer discovered early has a better chance of cure.

The time between the discovery of something abnormal and early treatment can sometimes seem very long. This time is necessary for the examinations, the diagnosis and determine the treatment best suited to each situation.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and is your Treatment.

This is the name given by doctors to the situation where there is an alteration in bowel habits without any apparent organic disease to explain.
Episodes of gastrointestinal disorders that are short lived and disappear by themselves are as common as part of normal life but in some problems still occur after the original cause has disappeared, if you're the doctor, is very likely to tell it who suffer from SCI.
What has happened is that their gastrointestinal tract has become more sensitive than normal.
This awareness has been produced by the original disorder or psychological reaction to the disorder.
The intestine, including straight into action more easily than it should. Its activity can be excessive and their muscles contract more violently than necessary. These signals take the form of unpleasant sensations such as pain, bloating, flatulence or need to defecate.


Fractional laser treatment

Gradually, as the skin of your face, your neck, your hands ages appear multiple pigmented spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Some wrinkles and fine lines can be treated by injections (Botox, hyaluronic acid), but not all. In particular the lower eyelid wrinkles, deep wrinkles around the mouth, and very wrinkled skin can not be corrected by injections. The pigmented spots do not disappear easily, even treated daily by appropriate creams.

Fortunately, there is now a very effective and very safe: the CO2 Laser "split". Unlike lasers used before, which either had limited effectiveness, or were very effective but with major side effects, the CO2 laser "split" significantly improves the skin without risk of scarring, hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation. The healing period is short (4 to 5 days) and is followed by a period of  2 to 3 weeks during which a moderate redness, easily camouflaged by makeup simple,  you will live quite normal.

How does fractional CO2 laser?

The radiation causes a CO2 laser removal of surface layers, damaged, skin and a thermal effect in the deeper part of the skin. It is this profound effect that will result in the production of new collagen and restore the skin under tension. Thus, the regenerated skin is really deep and seems smoother, younger. The pigmented spots "old age" also disappear. The fact that radiation is "split", that is to say divided into multiple beams of very fine, strongly accelerates healing puisqu'autour each "point" treaty remains an area of healthy skin from which the healing takes a few days.


Current Events on the Fight Against Cancer

A company created by the Catalan Institute of Oncology Institute of Biomedical Research of Bellvitge (ICO-IDIBELL), VCN Bio sciences Ltd., has developed new cancer treatments based on viruses that selectively destroy tumor cells.

BioSciences Ltd. plans to bring one of their virus to clinical trial in patients with tumors of the pancreas and head and neck.

The company, founded by Manel Cascallo, Ramon Alemany, Gabriel Capell, is dedicated to cancer virotherapy, which involves the administration of genetically modified viruses to destroy tumor cells only. The oncolytic virus not only eliminates the infected cancer cell, it generates thousands of copies of itself to destroy malignant cells nearby. In this way, acts as an agent with auto amplificación capacity.

Recorded only in China


Laser Treatment For Facial Wrinkles

Gradually, as the skin of your face, your neck, your hands ages appear multiple pigmented spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Some wrinkles and fine lines can be treated by injections (Botox, hyaluronic acid), but not all. In particular the lower eyelid wrinkles, deep wrinkles around the mouth, and much wrinkled skin can not be corrected by injections. The pigmented spots do not disappear easily, even treated daily by appropriate creams.

Fortunately, there is now a very effective and very safe: the CO2 Laser "split". Unlike lasers used before, which either had limited effectiveness, or were very effective but with major side effects, the CO2 laser "split" significantly improves the skin without risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. The healing period is short (4 to 5 days) and is followed by a period of 2 to 3 weeks during which a moderate redness, easily camouflaged by makeup simple, you will live quite normal.

How does fractional CO2 laser?

Prospects for hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women

The first track in the short term would be to study the relative merits of different dosages of substitution treatment and various forms of administration of estrogen or progesterone is currently available. The action of estrogen, like any medicine, is extremely dependent on the dose used and its mode of administration. However, studies published to date have used one type of assay in a single combination. In addition, the hormones used in U.S. studies differ from those usually use in Europe.

Note that in the well-known case of the contraceptive pill, the decrease in the dosage of steroids, and the changing nature of the hormones used have helped over the years to reduce the risk to make them quite acceptable, both from the point of view that financial point of view in public health.


Fun and Healthy Diet

Now zero size phenomenons are being developed, many women decide to do the diet strictly. In fact, sometimes even feel strict punish their self. Indeed, the fatness is a very bad problem. Besides not good looking, it also not well for health. However, the diet program should be enjoyable and healthful, not to be punishment. Next I give some fun guidelines and healthy diet.

1. First, recognize your own body. Please stop comparing the body with your friends. When you know how to work the body itself, it will be easier to meet that need.

2. Throw away feeling guilty. Eat some healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables each day. Diet does not mean you should stop eat snack at all, once you can eat cakes and crispy chips, but in a reasonable measure.

3. Focus on the food you eat while you sit and eat. Eat slowly and feel what it's like seriously. Imagine the feeling of 'bite' that you get. By doing this, you not only eat to fill your stomach but also appreciate what you have eaten.

4. Do not make extreme actions such as not eating at all for the lean quickly. It is best to eat a little portion in which three nutrition of the body needed and snack every two hours for more get metabolic efficiency.

What is bio food

What is bio food ? Bio food called from the ecological agriculture. The term is legally defined in the European Union. These products must originate from ecologically controlled cultivation, and may not be genetically changed and without employment of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage mud were cultivated. The meat comes from animals, which were not be treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.

The products are illuminated not ionizing and contain of fewer food additives than conventional food. Frequently the terms health food and bio food are used as synonyms for products of biological cultivation. All bio or which Milk products, vegetables and fruit are at the most frequent inquired of bio food. They are closely connected with the ecological agriculture. Often they are bought directly with the farmer, on markets, at conditions on farms, in health food specialist shops, bio supermarkets and in special grocer's shops.

Building A Better Body, One Brick At A Time

The quest to develop a stunningly fit, lean and attractive body is a long, slow journey. It's not something you achieve overnight by popping a few pills or strapping an electric gizmo to your belly.
Which reminds me, did you know that by the time the FTC finally blew the whistle on the electronic ab belt scam, the makers of those "ab zappers" had swindled over $100 million dollars from unsuspecting consumers? Fortunately, some of those companies had to pay it back, and then some! The FTC charged three companies - Fast Abs, Ab Tronic and Ab Energizer - with false advertising and deceptive warranty practices for these "ABSurd" gimmcks.
But I digress. back to what I was saying about the journey to a better body...
Last week I looked out my window, and where there was once nothing but a dirt-filled empty lot, there stood a sprawling six story brick condo complex. If someone looked at this massive completed structure for the first time, they might not be impressed. However, since I observed the entire construction process unfold from my living room window, I was impressed - amazed even - at what goes into erecting this kind of structure.
I remember watching the crew humming around diligently every day like busy bees, laying one brick after another. From one day to the next, it didn't seem like much changed. But slowly, over a period of a year and a half, I watched the building gradually morph into the finished product.
When you look at someone with an incredible body as a finished product, you often tend to dismiss the long, arduous journey and hard work it took to build that body. Unless you were side by side with that person in the gym (and in the kitchen), observing the work involved, it's easy to attribute such a chiseled physique to genetics or give credit to a supplement (they just took product XYZ and voila - overnight abs). What you don't see or appreciate are all the months and years of sweat and hard work.

Simple Tricks To Face massage

Do you ever heard about face massage? Maybe some of you never do. Massage for face beside good for skin health, also important to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.

According to beautician, face massage make skin soften, stimulating blood circulation, and remove dead skin cells.

If you intend massage your face, there are several things that need to be done. Make sure to do with the movement in the right order to obtain maximum results.

1. First, clean your face from make-up and other dirt. Avoid movement too pressing your faces skin. Face massage should be done slowly.

2. You should move your finger rounded from bottom (near your nose) to the top of your face. Do not rub your face more than 25 minutes. Use a bandana and covered your shoulder with a towel.


The Benefit of Carrot for Health

Carrot is the second most popular type of vegetable after potatoes. Carrots contain high vitamin A. Vitamin A and Beta carotene is sometimes prescribed for the same thing, because the beta carotene in the body can be convert into vitamin A. Beta carotene have been identified as carotenieida and there are more than 600 different types of carotene. Among others, a quite famous in the world is carotene, lutein, and lycopen.

Beta carotene is an essential part of carotene. If the body is given a beta carotene, it will be form vitamin A as needed. So eating carrots make a secure way to get vitamin A.

Preventing cancer

Compared with other vegetables, carrots mostly contain beta carotene, an average of 12,000 IU; experts recommend 15000-25000 IU per day. Research from the National Cancer Institute associate the womb with a high beta carotene cancer prevention, because the nature antioxidant against the destructively of cancer cells. In addition, beta carotene assists the body's immune system that results in a 'killer cell' nature.

The research in
Canada of the immune had given test 50 people over the age of 65 years to get nutrients that contain beta carotene and vitamin E in the amount of extra. After some time they become more rare experience cough cold, flu, and infections other than those who do not use supplements. And if they are sick, they recover more quickly


Taking a Chance on Healthy Living !

One of the most important aspects of living a healthy and prosperous life is understanding "risk." By this I mean knowing how to understand and analyze situations in life that affect health. Being able to accurately weigh benefits and risks when making health decisions is very important! Too often decisions are based on incomplete or inaccurate information and this is a huge mistake with significant consequences!
Failure to accurately assess risk keeps people locked in all kinds of unhealthy situations including poor eating and exercise habits (lifestyle), relationships and jobs. Sometimes people are just afraid to step out and make a change. They see "risk" in making a change when the REAL risk comes from NOT making a change. From my perspective, living with the stress, unhappiness and frustration of indecision and poor health is the greatest risk of all, and one that is definitely not worth taking!

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy task. Though it may be about one thing, calories in versus calories out, it can be hard for most to achieve. There are two important things that one must do in order to lose weight and keep it off;

Eat Healthy, and


When I am approached about losing weight most people do not know what to eat. They may have the exercise part down, but they still can not lose weight. The reason being their diet. If you do not eat the right amount of foods and calories per day according to your activity level you may actually gain weight or not lose weight at all.

Healthy eating is the most important steps when it comes to losing weight. A healthy diet plan should be comprised of the right amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Though many have been wrongly informed a healthy diet doesn't mean getting rid of everything bad including the things you love, a healthy diet just means making sure you consume more of the good foods than the bad ones.