What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and is your Treatment.

This is the name given by doctors to the situation where there is an alteration in bowel habits without any apparent organic disease to explain.
Episodes of gastrointestinal disorders that are short lived and disappear by themselves are as common as part of normal life but in some problems still occur after the original cause has disappeared, if you're the doctor, is very likely to tell it who suffer from SCI.
What has happened is that their gastrointestinal tract has become more sensitive than normal.
This awareness has been produced by the original disorder or psychological reaction to the disorder.
The intestine, including straight into action more easily than it should. Its activity can be excessive and their muscles contract more violently than necessary. These signals take the form of unpleasant sensations such as pain, bloating, flatulence or need to defecate.

Many people who go to the doctor because of fear SCI be having a really serious problem, such as cancer, colitis, ulcers or AIDS. The symptoms of IBS are characterized by features which indicate that the problem is functional and that its cause is not a serious illness.
Symptoms appear and disappear for a few hours or days such as abdominal swelling worsens throughout the day but at night was calm.
SCI pains usually occur in different areas, while a serious disease is usually a fixed and constant pain stools softer and are usually common, other people suffer from constipation and will always have the feeling that others but can not and starts to out this kind of mucus per rectum, that is normal in such diseases as we see people suffering from this illness have much to complain about the treatment is simple but some use drugs like Naproxen, the Trimebutine and other painkillers but what treatment is best for healthy living, diet rich in fiber, vegetables, fruit and lots of sport.
Our thinking has much to do with this illness, stress and restlessness significantly affect our intestinal tract ....
Friend or friends if you want to live in peace their intestines Start by finding your peace of mind

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