Simple Tricks To Face massage

Do you ever heard about face massage? Maybe some of you never do. Massage for face beside good for skin health, also important to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.

According to beautician, face massage make skin soften, stimulating blood circulation, and remove dead skin cells.

If you intend massage your face, there are several things that need to be done. Make sure to do with the movement in the right order to obtain maximum results.

1. First, clean your face from make-up and other dirt. Avoid movement too pressing your faces skin. Face massage should be done slowly.

2. You should move your finger rounded from bottom (near your nose) to the top of your face. Do not rub your face more than 25 minutes. Use a bandana and covered your shoulder with a towel.

3. If you have a dry skin type, use cold cream that you can store first in the refrigerator. While for oily type of skin, you may mix olive oil and few drip of lemon juice. Let's face massage

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