Breast cancer is usually diagnosed on four occasions

After the discovery of symptoms by the patient herself

When a woman discovers a lump or abnormality in the breast (nipple flow, retracted nipple, asymmetry or ride) or in an armpit, it is important to consult a doctor to perform the necessary examinations. Scientific studies show that cancer discovered early has a better chance of cure.

The time between the discovery of something abnormal and early treatment can sometimes seem very long. This time is necessary for the examinations, the diagnosis and determine the treatment best suited to each situation.

"My doctor told me the reason for waiting to start the treatment had waited to be sure of the diagnosis"

At a screening

At a consultation or a health check, the general practitioner or gynecologist propose to seek a breast abnormality after explaining the reasons and consequences of screening.

At a consultation in the usual gynecologist

During an inspection, the doctor may find an abnormality in the breast.

When monitoring a first breast cancer

When monitoring of breast cancer treatment, the physician verifies that a second breast cancer has not developed.

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