Tips For Perfect Health using the Law of Attraction

1. Open your mind

For best results with the Law of Attraction is very important to open your mind and put aside the skepticism for a while. Be open to miracles, to the infinite possibilities that exist in your life and that will continue in the coming days and months to come.

In fact the course of a disease changes every minute, and now you can stop or cure your disease if you start to choose a distinct possibility.

Dr. Deepak Chopra explains that there are waves of infinite possibilities and have not become apparent until the sound or note, quantum physics has found. If we can not see the possibility of creating health is not the manifest.

Become the observer of your health and it will manifest itself, if instead you become the observer of your illness, it will manifest.

Some of the diseases that manifest in our body are caused by bleeding energy they have to do with spite.

The harbor anger or hatred toward someone who has hurt us does not balance things in our favor but rather, is equivalent to poison us slowly. If we hate and can not condone in any way we punish that person or taking revenge because the real affected ourselves.

The best way to balance things in our favor, in situations where we have been offended, hurt, damaged or hit is to continue with even greater happiness than before.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves, to forgive raises our vibrations and help us get in the ideal state for more things we want health, prosperity and abundance, and in turn receive less things that we do not, distress, ill health, lack etc. So forgiveness is just for you, a gift from within.

2. Focuses on result

A state of health less than perfect is usually something that is so present at every moment either because we feel pain and discomfort or because the diagnosis is fatal, therefore we make no effort to ignore these symptoms and the disease becomes our focus.

But this is precisely what keeps us sick. Giving attention to the disease and talk about it, complain about it, so fear is a perpetrator of the same condition.

Health it is necessary to manifest what we focus on through:

A) Visualize healthy

B) Remember the time of radiant health and mentally relive again and again

C) Dedicated to thank the health of other parts of our body that works wonders

Small daily efforts with time focusing on what we want and the time in what we do not give quick and efficient results.

An example of such results is the miracle man “Morris Goodman”, who appears in the film narrating the secret of his case as impressive recovery after a plane crash.

Morris was completely paralyzed from the neck down after crashing in a plane and diaphragm was completely destroyed, the case was so difficult for doctors confined him to be connected to a ventilator for life.

But he was a man of the new paradigm that knew how to focus on what they wanted to get back to health again and did so throughout his hospital stay focused on visualizing your desire already done, he imagined walking and walking, using all times possible to paint a positive image mentally to keep heal his conviction.

Then the state of renewed health began to become a reality gradually and the first thing that happened is that intuitive received a message that urged him to breathe deeply. The fact that a voice in her head told her “Breathe Deep” takes a deep breath. After breathing deeply into your diaphragm repeatedly began to work and could breathe on his own again, to that was off the respirator would supposedly connected to all of his life.

After raising their vibration continued and was finally able to walk out of the hospital, something that so far doctors can not explain because it was a case of very serious and fatal injuries.

What Morris Goodman made a reality and that doctors did not realize is that align with their desire to deliver vibrations HEALTH, despite what he was facing a reality that was apparently fixed, totally solid, had the courage to STOP WATCHING and watch what he wanted in his mind and did it!

Morris Goodman is currently a motivator and a special coach who is hired by large companies to train employees on productivity and how to achieve the economic goals of their companies.


Another case presented in the movie, the secret is the wife Cathy Goodman, Morris Goodman, to whom it was detected breast cancer which will cure completely in just 3 months with no need for chemotherapy or radiation.

Cathy Goodman's case is special because it used a tool in the new paradigm called "Finding evidence of our desire is possible"

It is very important to mention that one of the most powerful ways to use the law of attraction for us is to find examples of people who have already succeeded in getting what we want and it just focus on leaving behind the negative examples or persons do not get what they want, in this case sick.

Cathy Goodman was a close witness of her husband's case the miracle man and the result was much easier to focus on recovery is not only possible but is standard if one is dedicated to align with your desire.

The formula was tested by Morris Goodman of new account in his own wife, she says, after receiving the cancer diagnosis came home and thought of the disease, instead turned his attention to have faith that had already been cured and in his mind is seen as if cancer had never been in her body, she says she walked around the house repeating "Thank you for my healing". Besides that his priority was to see movies with her husband to raise their vibrations comic. After 3 months the doctors gave new results in which the cancer had completely disappeared from his body.

4. Use the Subconscious Mind

Another master of the secret is Joh Assaraf who speaks about using the subconscious mind to heal ulcerative colitis that did not yield to any kind of medical treatment, John has in his book "The street kid's guide" that some of his 22 was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a disease that among other things caused her chronic diarrhea were horrible and could happen anytime, anywhere.

Can you imagine that?

This will happen in restaurants reached during a business appointment and as the disease did not heal with any medical treatment he did was bring in your car at least a change of clothes COMPLETITO, from underwear to pants to change when you events happen!

Assaraf says, he now gives much laughter but tells that story at that time his life was miserable because of the disease and with good reason. Besides all took 25 pills a day and enemas to control his diarrhea helped a little.

Then performed a daily exercise plan that became his new medication, was a strict regimen that cured mental disease in their own words and tells us "Those who are successful at self-cure are those entering the space lies the thinker behind the thoughts, this is contact your essence”.

Using the subconscious mind through exercise is one of the fastest ways known to cure disease no matter how fatal appear.

Now you know some of the most important implications for creating health using the law of attraction but there is still many more.

If you want to take this knowledge beyond invite you to attend the course "The Law of Attraction for Health"

In this course you'll find a detailed plan to raise your vibrations and emit vibrations of "health and welfare" to which the universe as a mirror will answer by sending "health and welfare".

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