Current Events on the Fight Against Cancer

A company created by the Catalan Institute of Oncology Institute of Biomedical Research of Bellvitge (ICO-IDIBELL), VCN Bio sciences Ltd., has developed new cancer treatments based on viruses that selectively destroy tumor cells.

BioSciences Ltd. plans to bring one of their virus to clinical trial in patients with tumors of the pancreas and head and neck.

The company, founded by Manel Cascallo, Ramon Alemany, Gabriel Capell, is dedicated to cancer virotherapy, which involves the administration of genetically modified viruses to destroy tumor cells only. The oncolytic virus not only eliminates the infected cancer cell, it generates thousands of copies of itself to destroy malignant cells nearby. In this way, acts as an agent with auto amplificación capacity.

Recorded only in China

The virotherapy is registered in a territory such as China. However, it is still in experimental stages in most countries that have conducted clinical trials in phase II and III, some of them promising.

In the U.S., have been tested to treat many types of tumors, and recent published studies showing a good response in patients with melanoma and a type of brain tumor called glioblastoma.

Research Projects

VCN Biosciences, which is involved in two research projects of international collaboration Eureka companies, has a patent on an isolated mutation in 2008 and which confers enhanced oncolytic potency. This technology has recently sublicensed Netherlands a biotechnology company that intends to include in their viruses.

It is also in the process of obtaining the exclusive license for a second technology which can improve the spread of virus within the tumor.

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