Calculation of Mesothelioma Prognosis

A diagnosis of mesothelioma is a traumatic experience. The approach of a death can actually be difficult to understand emotionally and psychologically. A person recognizes that the end is not a random event in the distant future but in the distance. The question is then the question of how long you live. It is a matter of time.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for oncologists to give a definitive answer. Cancer is an unpredictable and often seem to turn out to be hopeless cases not so disgusting. Conversely, there are many degenerate cases, where an optimistic prognosis can quickly into a premature death.

On average, patients with a diagnosis of mesothelioma usually survive a year or two. The reason for this is that mesothelioma is very dangerous and has a long latency period, while many patients not diagnosed until you are ready too late.

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