Brainwashing and hidden partner of smoking

How do we start smoking for the first time and why?
To understand this issue you must consider the powerful effect of subconscious, which I call the hidden partner. We all tend to believe we are intelligent human beings and dominant, we control the course of our destiny. The reality is that 99 100 of our being is pre-formed. We are just a few products of the society in which we were raised. This dictates the type of clothes we wear, the houses we live, the basic pattern of our life. Or create the views that divide us into groups, for example, if better government of the left or right one. That is the working class that supports the first and the middle and upper classes that support the second, it is no coincidence. The subconscious has influence extremely powerful in our lives, and can deceive millions of people, not a matter of opinion, but factual issues.

Before Magellan's expedition turn around the world, the vast most people "knew" that the earth was flat. Today we "know" that is round. If I wrote a dozen books to convince you that it is flat, I could not convince you, but how many have gone into space to see which is like a ball? Though you have gone around the world yourself, how do you know you were not going in circles on a flat surface? Advertising agents know very well about the power of suggestion on the subconscious. Hence the huge posters that crushed the smoker
while driving, advertisements in every magazine. You think it's money thrown into the air that you would not buy snuff? You're wrong! Try it same, the next time you go into a bar, a very cold day and your colleague asks you what you want to take, instead of saying "cognac" (or whatever), adorned with what you say, 'You know what I feel like today? This comforting warmth that gives the brandy. "You see that even people, to whom they do not like the brandy, take a drink with you. From our earliest childhood, we receive through the subconscious daily bombardment of information.

We said that we relax snuff, we give courage and confidence in ourselves, and more appreciated than the pleasure of planet is a cigarette. You think I exaggerate? When you see a movie, cartoons, and a play on television or a scene in which a person is about to be shot, what is the last favor? Yes, sir; a cigarette. The effect of this picture is not felt in the mind, but the hidden partner has time to assimilate. The actual content of the message is: "When I die, my last thought, my last act will be what is most valuable in life: smoke a cigarette. In war movies, the wounded hero always gives a cigarette. Do you think its different today? No. Our children continue to receive this bombardment of billboards and advertisements in magazines. It supposed to snuff advertising is banned on television, but in the prime time characters we see first row swallowing smoke, interviewers and interviewees, politicians, artists, intellectuals ... This is the trend most dangerous of all, the connection between smoking ads and sport, or between smoking and "be somebody." Do F1 cars have cigarette brand names, or vice versa? I saw an ad in the TV (not announced snuff) that is a naked couple in the bed, sharing a cigarette after sex. The implications are obvious.

Advertisers are really admirable about cigars in England. No what are their motives are admirable, but the brilliance of his campaign is see a man about to die, or about to suffer a disaster, her balloon going to crash and burn, or your bike is about to fall into a river, or is Columbus and his ship is going to fall over the edge of the Earth. There is not a word you hear a soft music, and the guy lights a cigar, in your face we see an expression of absolute happiness. Consciously, your mind maybe, or given realize that we are seeing the ad, but the "hidden partner" is patiently digesting the obvious implications. It is true that advertising against: the frightening figures cancer, they have to amputate his legs, campaigns against evil breath, but are insufficient to persuade smokers that they should quit. Logically that would convince them, but do not. Even get young people do not start.

During all those years of smoker, I sincerely believed that if I knew what the connections between smoking and lung cancer had never started. But the fact is that all this fear of losing health does not change the things. The trap is the same today as five centuries ago, when the conquerors of the Americas fell into it. Campaigns against snuff only seem to increase confusion. Even the same product, wrapped in these packages attractive and bright colors, wears a grim warning on one side. What smoker read the warning? Moreover, what smokers stops and seriously consider the consequences to your health?

"I will heal the world of smoking!"

These citations were extracted by the importance of the book is easy to quit smoking, if you know how. It seemed very important to share with you this scourge of humanity. I invite you to do more research on the power of the subconscious

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